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The Unity of World as a base of Path

    Our World is one unit. Its separate parts are illusion created by the human himself.
The humanity has known this truth for thousands of years. The World Unity what is the meaning of these words? This notion has many facets. The Human can achieve this Unity through every of these facets. Knowledge of the World structure is beyond the human experience. But it is stored in the human memory and is passed on from one generation to another. The Awoken always enrich this knowledge with facets of their own experience.  But for the present only a small part of humanity has mastered some facets of the Unity in practice and realised the human role in the Unified World.
    The World exists as the unity of levels of reality. The human is introduced at every of the levels. Humans who are “loyal” only to the physical level of reality are sure that only the physical world is real and the rest of the levels are illusive.
    In the process of consciousness development humans achieve new understanding. They master (realise) a lot of levels of their existence. Having united with one of the levels of his supreme Self, the human realises how reliable support on the part of his Self at the higher levels of reality is. It is much stronger than granite or steel in the physical world.
    Some teachings assert that to master higher levels of reality fully, we have to depart from the physical world having left only our physical body in it. Nowadays it has become known that our body as a tool in the process of gaining experience, which is necessary for the “higher”, “more delicate” levels of reality, is a necessary participant of development for all the levels of reality.     

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