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Identity of the person - the image and likeness

    Reality levels of the World are manifested from the source striving for its development. The highest of such levels is the unmanifested World. Development (mastering the acceptable states) of every level requires experience. The systems accumulate this experience at “more specific” levels (at more manifested levels, at the levels with less degree of quantum entanglement). Moreover subsystems create these levels themselves exactly for experience accumulation. It is necessary for the World to manifest levels of reality of “increasing concreteness”. It has to do with any pair of the “neighbouring” levels.
    The human exists at every level.  At the level where the human is the most united with the World he exists as the Individuality. There is no body, there are no thoughts, no feelings at this level there is only Self singled out from the unmanifested World. The level of Individuality arises when necessary as well as other “more concrete” levels arise from it. The Individuality has been created after the image and likeness of the (unmanifested) Creator. This likeness is support for human consciousness development through disposition to the Creators Consciousness.
    Such disposition is traditionally called a prayer. When praying as if it is a creative process, as a communication of the Individuals, we can effectively develop our consciousness, disposing it to the Consciousness which created the human. It is similar to musical instrument tuning assisted by tuning fork.

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