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General description of the Seminar "The Path of spiritual AWAKENING"

Task of the seminar

Our World is the unity of a great number of levels of reality. Every human is introduced at all of these levels. He creates, develops the World and develops himself together with the World. More “subtle” than the physical world levels are connected not only with ideas of physical body absence but of knowledge, harmony, and power too. But the person mostly realises only his existence in the physical world. Majority of people does not realise the connection of different levels of their reality.
Task of the seminar is to help the participants to realise themselves at many levels of reality, follow the Way of Spiritual Awakening, that is conscious restoration of their integrity in harmony with the World, to achieve unification of levels of their reality.

How to help ourselves to achieve conscious connection with our Supreme Self

Unification of levels takes place “initiated” by more “subtle” level. We can not create a method of guaranteed enlightenment through action only in the physical world. But we can make such unification easier when rendering conditions close to resonance.
At our seminar every participant tries to dispose himself toward characteristics of levels of reality which he strives to unite with.
We have to know characteristics of these levels of reality to be able to dispose toward them. They are known from many sources, but known only generally. This is experience of the Enlightened, religious and philosophical treatises, channelling. All authors assert that it is very difficult to describe characteristics of levels of reality in words. Words can only prompt to your intuition.
Science has been helpful to us for the passed several decades. The theory of quantum states showed that levels of reality arise one from another as well as picture develops on photographic paper. All stages of the developing picture exist simultaneously. Science describes characteristics of different levels of our manifesting World. The seminar introduces an accessible description of contemporary idea of levels of the quantum reality.

How integrity is achieved at the seminars

Ways of disposition toward characteristics of different levels of reality are various. During the classes we will use those which have been familiar to people for a long time, namely
technologies of consciousness
It is well-known that the Way of every human is unique. There are no universal methods for the human. Search for his own unique way is very difficult for every particular person.
During the classes the participants develop ability to rely on their inner “tuning fork”, on the model of their souls. Feelings are different in the course of various exercises. We learn to choose the best for ourselves judging these feelings.

Seminar results

Results can be different, and there is no possibility to predict result for a particular human beforehand. A lot depends on the participants openness, their harmonious interaction and on their mutual support.
Results can be manifested for example in harmonization of body state, particularly, in recovery. But recovery technologies during classes are not used. There are cases of conscious activity manifestation in one's sleep, particularly, important information acquisition. There was an activization of second sight. Relationship with family and friends got better. There were some events which could be called “lucky”. Such luck is almost impossible from the point of view of typical conception.
One of the most important consequences, which can be described in concrete terms, is inner state change. A lot of participants have feelings of happiness, optimism, benevolence and even bliss.

The seminars “The Way of Spiritual Awakening” and the magazine "Space of Love and Light" are very powerful instruments. They help a human to wake up.

Moderator of the seminars “The Way of Spiritual Awakening” is Aleksandr Shatanov.

Programme for seminars is introduced on the page “Seminar Programme”.

You can contact the seminar moderator or the organisers through the editorial staff of the magazine on the page Contacts or through email:

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