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Scientific view on the levels of the Reality of the World

    Science as a field of the human cognition is based on the possibility to check any statement through experiment. It is essential for the experiment that the object of study is separated from the person studying it. Scientific researches of the past years have created concept of the World unity based on the approach of quantum theory. Quantum theory of the XXI century is science about states. We can speak about states of matter, human, human consciousness. That is why quantum theory can be applied to them.
    The World unity is acquiring a very specific meaning from the point of view of the scientific conception. In the world familiar to us the Unity is quantum entanglement. We can imagine it as unification, interweaving, similarity and analogous forms. Besides, usual for us physical world arises from the pure entangled state revealing itself through information exchange between information objects. Scientific name of this phenomenon is decoherence. It is similar to a photo image development at first there is a blank piece of paper, then dim contours, which become sharper and sharper and then you can see a clear image with the smallest details.
    Scientific description of the World lets us develop (and enrich communication language) concept given to people by the awoken. The World is a range of levels of quantum reality, each of which is revealed from the level of higher degree of entanglement if necessary. Level of reality with the maximal entanglement does not have anything to do with the physical World. This level can be called the level of unmanifested reality.

    Qualities of the unmanifested world often coincide with the human idea of the unmanifested Creator. Everything comes from Him, He contains everything, and however it is not evident. The human can speed up the process of own Spiritual Awakening having mastered the main concepts of the scientific view of the World. Ways of such speeding-up can be mastered by the seminar participants during practical classes.

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