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Program for the Seminar "The Path of spiritual AWAKENING"

Aleksandr Shatanov is Workshop Leader

    1. Brief description of World Unity. Levels of reality. Consciousness and its functions. A human being - a link of levels of reality.

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The idea of ​​a multi-level structure of the World. Level unmanifested God (Engrossing Nothing, structure of Eternity, Brahman, High Impartiality and other similar concepts).
Manifestation of World objects. State of systems. Consciousness as an intrinsic property of distinction and implementation of conditions.
Origin (creation) of a human being. Phases (stages, levels) of human manifestation. A human being as the link of levels of reality. The uniqueness of a human being for manifestation in the unmunifested world.

2. Scientific understanding of the levels of the reality of the World. Functional necessity of multilevel World. The purpose of human manifestation in the World.

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. Science as a way of understanding the World. Modern quantum theory
the science about the states. Pure confused state of a closed system. The universe in general as a closed system.
Manifestation of subsystems as a result of information exchange. Decoherence and recoherence. The need of experience for any level of reality
the cause of need to manifest "more specific" levels. The manifestation of the subsystem at a reality level "the degree of its qualification" in information exchange. Indestructibility of the material World.
Allocation of subsystems from the unmanifested level. "Image and similarity" in the manifestation of the human in the World. The purpose of God (Supreme Intelligence)
the cognition of Himself through the creation of a human being. The purpose of a human being the development of consciousness.

3. Purpose in building the Path of spiritual awakening. Target meditations. Practical classes.

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ls. Formation of goal
the way of joint tuning Consciousness of different reality levels. Positive goals (achievement) and negative goals (denial). The need positive in goal setting.
Setting goals based on the understanding of the levels of reality. Meditation
tuning for particular characteristics of target levels of reality.
Practical classes.

4. Fractal (similarity) levels of reality. Personality of God and man. Prayer as a method of spiritual development. Practical classes.

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ls. Manifestation of human Individuality
a way of God to know Himself. Personality of God the basis and source for the creation of a human being as a subsystem of unmanifested world. Communication of Personalities a way of attunement of consciousness.
a method of communication and (partial) integration of Personalities. Creativity and dogmatism. Prayer and technology.
Practical classes.

5. Spontaneity of "Self" manifestation. Multivariance of Way and personal search. Practical classes.

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ls. The uniqueness of each Individual. External and Internal: World in Me and I in the World. Inseparability from the World.
Uniqueness of the Path in the Awakening of Personality. Initiation of Awakening from the side of the "upper" levels of reality. Fixing milestones of Awakening. The prospect of eternal life.
Individual uniqueness of technologies, sensations and perception. Development of the functions of Consciousness.
Practical classes.

6. Comprehension through the merger. Apprenticeship and Excellence. Followers
a dead-end tactics. Love, Knowledge, Nirvana - comprehension through the merger. Practical classes.

More detai
ls. Types of knowledge. The principal limitations of object-subject cognition. Cognition (knowledge) by merging. Education as an increase in the quantum entanglement. Manipulation and vampirism the traditional goal of building a network of followers.
the purposeful creation of states with a high degree of entanglement. Apprenticeship as a mastery of methodology of Awakening. Transition from Apprenticeship to Excellence.
Affirmations. Construction and use of affirmations based on target characteristics of levels of reality
Love, Knowledge, Nirvana and the like.

Practical classes.

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