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the accumulation of experience through knowledge

    Levels of reality continuously manifest themselves because an information exchange is continuous. They sometimes say the following about such manifesting: “The Creator creates the World over again every moment”.
    Every level of reality arises out of necessity; it is the source of experience for the level development from which it has been manifested. This implies indissoluble connection of levels. They need each other. All the levels of reality are required by the most general the unmanifested Creator, the source of the entire World.
    The human exists at every level of reality but not everybody realises it. If you can realise yourself at all levels of reality, it means that you can achieve integrity. It is both easy and difficult to reach such consciousness in the material world because collective consciousness prevents from it.
    If the human pays attention to something, it results into partial unification of this human with the object of his attention (entanglement degree of some freedom degrees increases). We change the world through such unification because we change. One of the ways to help ourselves is to use technologies of consciousness. We can form technologies logically. But the best way is to lend an attentive ear to ourselves, technologies come as if independently, each for a particular problem.
    The seminar is convenient time and place to master skills to form own technologies of harmonisation. The human consciousness development is step-by-step procedure. The human masters various forms of partial unification with the World. This unification becomes more and more complete.

      Programme for seminars is introduced on the page “Seminar programme”. You can contact the seminar moderator or the organisers through the editorial staff of the magazine on the page   Contacts.

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