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Knowledge through the merging

    There are two types of knowledge. One of them is used all the time. If we ask “What is a rose?”, the question will be answered in different ways. This is a flower, this is raw material for rose oil production, this is the symbol of love and so on. The more phrases with the word “rose” is said, the more we know about the rose. In fact this knowledge is not about the rose but about the word “rose”. In this case we separate ourselves from the rose as well as from the rest of the World. And the rose is separated from its name the word “rose”.
    The second type of knowledge is unification with the object of cognition. What does achieving the integrity mean? This is unification with oneself, with the entire World at all levels of reality. What will the human united with the rose answer the question about the rose? It will be difficult for him to phrase everything he knows. It is much easier to impart the knowledge about the rose directly, for example using telepathy. Words are needed by people who are not integral.
    We have to unite with the World to comprehend it. We have to unite with Love, Knowledge, Beauty, Harmony and other facets of our wonderful World. One of the ways to assist in such unification is affirmations. These are phrases with assertion that unification has been achieved. If you say such phrases repeatedly and emotionally, they work, which is felt by everybody during the seminars.
    Consciousness development takes place assisted by words and introduction of everyday communication through language. “In the beginning was the Word” remember?

    Programme for seminars is introduced on the page “Seminar programme”. You can contact the seminar moderator or the organisers through the editorial staff of the magazine on the page   Contacts.

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