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Purposeful development of consciousness in meditation

    A lot of people know about meditation. Meditation is a well known way to abstract oneself from sensations and to stop inner dialog. Classes take place to quiet music, typically accompanied by a leaders monologue.
    Concepts of the World Unity, attitude to meditations as to Consciousness development with specific goal orientation let make it possible to increase effectiveness of the meditative practice. Special-purpose meditation lets us abstract away from our sensations and thoughts, which become minor during such meditations, not preventing Consciousness from uniting (increasing the entanglement) with the World.
    Special-purpose meditation classes start from a goal-setting a state desired to be achieved through meditation. Characteristics of such target state are based on the knowledge of the organisation of levels of reality.

    Consciousness develops though mastering states, concept of which has been created on the basis of logical understanding.

    Programme for seminars is introduced on the page “Seminar programme”. You can contact the seminar moderator or the organisers through the editorial staff of the magazine on the page   Contacts.

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