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The Digest "Space of Love and Light" N 4

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About the Consciousness

Anatoliy Nekrasov

Now scientists are corroborating what was told by mystics, clairvoyants, occultists thousands years ago everything in this world is Energy, everything in this world is interconnected, and we are the parts of a single organism. Back in the ancient Upanishads it was said: "When a single blade of grass is torn down the whole Universe shudders". All this energy is in constant motion…  

How is the World Manifested in the Quantum Theory?

Aleksandr Shatanov

…How does our “classical” World, which is filled with objects, living beings and all other things, which we are able to imagine in this World, appear (exist) in an unmanifested World?  Let us try to make it out with what we want…

Intention… Awareness … Cognition…

Stanislav Yakshin

…If we want to notice all the universal signals given to us to bring our dearest wishes to life, we have to strive for unification in the cognition and awareness or copulation with the surrounding world  not within interpretations, but exactly beyond them, only then completeness and depth of the events will open up for us…

Why is Knowledge Necessary?

Oleg Pulatov

…When there is too much knowledge, what will happen to a person? The person may fall ill because of excessive knowledge. When there is too much knowledge, and it is not used, it immediately leads to pride (arrogance) and fright: “What if somebody will know more than I?”
There will be constant war.
You need not have war with anybody. Start using the knowledge, which you receive, at once
it will be your experience, we come here with this purpose…


…Hypophysis is controlled by the ajna-chakra, which is responsible for intuition. Hypophysis is associated with intuition partially because it serves as the connecting link between the mind and the body more than any other single physical structure. Hypophysis transfers ideas and emotions from the cerebral cortex to those chemical compounds, which control the mood, muscle strain and metabolic processes…  

The Creator was the First Wave Geneticist

Asya Guseva

…the fuss which occurred in physics at the beginning of the century when it became clear that the atom is not the smallest indivisible particle of matter. It turned out that there was no matter at all, but there was a ball of balanced energies.
So the big fuss occurred and caused crisis of materialism…
Quantum physics, which deals not with matter but with a wave, an energy beam
a field, arose from classical physics.
The idea of world view has drastically changed.

Now the same is happening with biology, or rather with genetics, which was happening with physics then…

After Tumti


…The reincarnation process requires from us development, because it is achieved through the integration of all experiences. Thus, all the spirits and souls (spirits in fact) need to understand that everything in the Universe happens in order to become the other Universe. All spirits have to incarnate. How do they do it? Through another dense energy which is known as the Soul.

The Soul is the nearest in density vehicle for Spirit. It consists of various energies. Therefore, it is dense, as it is not pure light only…  


Olga Guseva

…Our physical suffering is reflection of our spiritual troubles. It is a signal that we have deviated from the plan of our life. We have not noticed where and how. The longer it will take us to react, the further we will wander, to “the depths of the forest”. The more difficult it will be to come back to our “way home”.
It is clear that physical is the effect of the spiritual, so taking medicine will not help (a lot of people have made sure of uselessness of taking medicine at first hand).

Medicine is another peoples choice. Medicine is another way to avoid difficulties. Because it is much easier taking pills, having injections and even operations than changing dear yourself. It is easier than putting the lid on our own pride. It is easier than adhering to your Faith despite everything..

About the Light Bodies of a Human

Yaroslav Svetozarov

…What people call "transition" or "Awakening" is nothing more than a mass change of a quantum particle of vibrations of material bodies. Today is coming the time to change the quantum vibration frequency on the universal scale, that is, a state of matter in our Universe becomes unstable. For many centuries the matter was denser than today…

Restoring Technologies of Operation Forms

Gregorij Grabovoj

…This work always assumes determining three operation purposes:
1. Macro-salvation task.
2. Task of the whole of humanities health resumption.
3. Task of personal healing.

When we establish the Macro-Salvation as the operation purpose and actual healing foundation automatically we synchronize the remaining two tasks with the purposes of the Creator. Because the Creator
s prerogative is the establishment of a harmonic non-destroyable World. In this we become unified. This is the most important task of the human and the Creator…

Harmonization of the Basis of Consciousness

Andrei Poletayev

…We are harmonious.
The harmony of life and the harmony of a person is a natural correspondence of the direction of life and practice of life with the principles of Love, Cognition, Wisdom and Creativity. The light interests of all are taken into account in our deeds. The establishment of internal harmony and work on the harmonization of the outside world, the systematic work to help others is really the practice of salvation, the salvation from the desire for the false targets, salvation from ignorance, salvation from passivity and inactivity. We mentally took the position of the Creator, we learn the principles on which the work of the Creator is based, we act in Love, the same way the Creator does
therefore the harmony of the Light is with us and inside us. We confidently go along the path of Love for more Light..

Quantum Reality from the Humans Perspective

Aleksandr Shatanov

…The most important thing for any person is he himself. That is why in the conception of quantum reality of the World the person will be of our special interest first of all what the quantum reality from the persons perspective is.
Physicians claim that the World in general is single. It is so single that it is impossible to single out anything separate from it. Everything is in everything. Everything is intertwined, mixed, everything is inseparable in the world. Physicians have a popular image: if an electron oscillates the entire Universe shudders.
That is, from the point of view of quantum theory the World in general has neither space, nor time; it does not have anything which can be singled out, separated from the other part. What is there then? There is only information. This information is about the states of the biggest system
the World in general…

The Inner Light

Georgiy Belimov

…One day I felt something had happened inside me. I woke up at dawn and in my heart I felt such peacefulness, such inner tranquility and joy so I understood that from that moment I have had a new quality tenacity to the negative external effects. I called this condition “The inner light”. If I had not got it, I would not have had an ability to live, I guess.
Everything that happened cannot be called just dry fasting as is attached to me. It is different. It is an alternative sustenance
sustenance with the initial energy, which nourishes the minerals, plants, plankton, etc. This is possible when all the persons energetic centres called chakras are cleansed…

The Parable of the Loving Heart

…On one sunny day a handsome young man was standing in the city centre square and boasting his most wonderful heart in the city with pride. He was surrounded by the crowd of people who were sincerely admiring the perfection of his heart. It was really perfect having neither dents nor scratches. Each person in the crowd agreed that it was the most beautiful heart he has ever seen.

The young man was very much proud of it and was shining with happiness. Suddenly an old man came out of the crowd and said addressing the young man: “Your heart is not even close to the beauty of mine!”…

Wonderful Herbs and Folk Remedies

Lyudmila Trofimova

…Garlic is a universal antibiotic which has actually been used by Russian “Indians” for a long time. It is a phenomenal antibiotic, because there is no similar synthetic antibiotic. It has an effect on the bacteria, viruses and the fungi.
The fungus on a foot
rub it with garlic. Any infectious skin diseases are rubbed with the garlic.
Influenza, cold
garlic! Pneumonia garlic.
Purulent phlegmon
put the plantain on it and also eat the garlic…

Waken your DNA
Universal Language of Sacral Geometry


…Contemplation of curative works of art including those created according to laws of Sacral Geometry raises your vibration frequency, intensifies your consciousness and helps you to create positive reality. However a lot of metaphysical systems promise all of it. What does Sacral Geometry differ from them by?

You and I ARE this geometry! Everything what exists which is any vibration or frequency has relation to geometry. Everything that resonates with these geometric patterns is harmonious…

The Way To Forgiveness

Rivil Kofmann

…Each of us has come into this world with his luggage of past experience, faults or unsolved problems.
Everybody leaves that area to complete, put the finishing touches on the things, which we had been short of time to conclude before we left the period of life, defined by the Creator and our own Soul….

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