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The Digest "Space of Love and Light" N 3

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To the Reader

Elena Shatanova

…Hello Our Dear Friends!
We are happy to meet you here, on the pages of our periodical
digest Space of Love and Light. Selected articles from our magazine have been chosen to bring Love and Wisdom to life, and then happiness, health and balance will come to you with them.
In our magazine we are trying to draw your attention exactly to positive information, to direct it to everybody
s inner development, the spread of Light and Love over all the earth making  their rays reach everybody…

From the Life of Flowers

a Parable

…The flowers were just wondering at the Gardeners wisdom and their former blindness. How petty the disputes and claims now seemed!
Now it was obvious that it
s so important to help your neighbor to blossom so that you can materialize the Gardeners intention.
But the bees were rising higher and higher and their flower bed seemed not to be the only one in the garden…

Law of Primary Sources

Anatoliy Nekrasov

…In 2004 interesting events that go far beyond the ordinary happened to me and having experienced them, I realized that they were given to me not only for my own development, but also for me to share the gained experience with others.
I was leaving this world for 40 minutes
the complete cessation of vital functions of the body. On the one hand, its not much like one woman said: ≪If your body has started decaying!≫.
On the other hand, it
s still quite a lot for this experience to become the subject of research. After all, after 5-7 minutes after the heart stops the brain begins to ruin, and here the experiment has lasted for 40 minutes…

After Tumti.
World Heritage. Who Am I?

Mathias de Stefano

…I am Mathias de Stefano, Im 22, Im from Argentina. My goal is to REMEMBER! When I was three years old, I began to remember the situations that happened before I was born in order to help myself to adapt among people. We begin to remember when we adapt a certain part of the brain that unites us with the Cosmic memory.

Everybody can do this, but some of us have special abilities. We are admitted to the Memory of the Universe for us to understand the processes that are happening today to the planet and humanity

s Confession.
Why I Gave up Medicine

Olga Guseva

…I am a doctor, a surgeon. I have been in medicine for more than 20 years. In short, in general, the bigger part of my life has been a happy, kind of standard course of events…
And several years ago I left my dear and successful surgery, unfinished DPhil and puzzled colleagues. I left it conscientiously, quietly, without regret. I am not ashamed of the spent life but I started a new life. My dear mother, my friend and my adviser, observing changes in me, in my life, and without understanding what was going on, said: ≪I have the impression that you have been going towards this for all your life≫. Yes, now I definitely know that it is exactly so.
What has changed my life so cardinally?
The thing is that my substantial experience, mental set, and simple observation made me make several deplorable conclusions concerning my occupation…

Is there God in the
Quantum Theory?

Aleksandr Shatanov

…We continue our conversation about how modern physicists  see the World. In the previous article we defined: the quantum theory conclusions are APPLICABLE not only to minute particles but also to our ≪big≫ World, which we see and sense from grains and body cells to planets and galaxies. We already knew that modern physicists use the word ≪quantum≫ in that case where it is IMPOSSIBLE TO SEPARATE component parts of our world and this inseparability is indescribable in usual concepts of the ≪classic≫ world. Such ≪inseparable≫ conditions were even given the special name that is ≪entangled≫ conditions…

Thoughts on the Topic

Irina Rusina

…Any disease is a projection of some inner informational conflict onto the physical human body. Its reason is on a subtle, information realm of existence. At the same time it is not an objective and not depending on us reality, but the way our fears, thoughts and emotions can be realized ≪in flesh≫. The only thing we need is to change our mode of thoughts, make the fears fall away and the disease will vanish…

The Center of Vital Space

Oleg Pulatov

…The person must always be in the center of his vital space, because it is here where information is put and it is here, where the light from the Creator comes.
When people fall out of their vital space, disease starts
a person falls ill. As soon as a person returns to his center, the light appears at once, it passes through him and the person starts to recover slowly, if he is in this point constantly…
To Heal Another Person
If you heal somebody or do something, you will ask Christ, who is inside you, to work. But Christ always said: «It
s not I, it is My Father, who works inside me».

Unity of the World in
the Concept of Modern Physics

Aleksandr Shatanov

…modern physics has accepted the idea of unity of the World and the human as inseparable from the World in this unity. Connections of the united World are created in such a way that the change of any part of the World is able to change other parts of it. Theoretically physicists proved it and now they are intensively searching for methods of practical realization.
The person and the consciousness of the person are also parts of the united World. Statement about influence of changes on the rest of the World concerns them not less than other elements of the World. The change of human consciousness is able to change the World; and there has been established the theoretical scientific rationale behind it…

How to Create Health

Valentina Batishcheva

…We are aware of the fact that the soul can work directly with information. When we let the events go and put ourselves into the framework of absolute liberty, then the soul implements all the events, which it has created for us in the future. But the soul can also work through the symbolic notation of information. These are those geometric forms we work with, when there is a necessity to make some information dynamic. Our task is to create information in such a way, so that the reality would echo immediately in positive changes in both the inner and outer reality…

About Love

Sergey Misharin

…Eternal stream of Love enters your heart through the body and a constant process of building starts to take place it is the Creator, which constantly creates you. The entry point of this level into your body (external glowing flow) is eternal and exists both inside and outside our body. The cell is the same as the One God has, it starts to reveal itself factually, also in the events (even extreme ones), periodically lighting up local cellular glow. This cell concentrates consolidation, help of the World, exactly in the presence of the Creator and at the same time external intermediate level through which Love is transferred to you and builds your body. It is a very strong mechanism of renovation of the heart and blood vascular system…

Common Task

Irina Shalayeva

…Feel deep gratitude to Earth for its patience, owing to which the humanity is still alive and that you, as well as other people, are lucky to live here.

Thank Earth for everything it has done and everything it is doing, and apologize to Earth for all your disrespect and all your disharmony in attitude to it. Apologize to Earth in the name of your ancestors and all humanity…

Report of Seminar Work
of BLAGODAR for 2012

Pavel Moiseiev

...The Ukrainian Public Organisation ≪BLAGODAR≫ and BlagoDar magazine has been educating people in all processes taking place in near Space (the Sun, Earth and other planets of the solar system), as well as in deep Space (the Galaxy, the Universe) since 2008.

Since 2010 we have been conducting the seminar series called ≪Birth of the New Humanity≫, which task is a preparation of the human to the changes taking place on our planet connected with a number of cycles of the universal, galactic and planetary scales…

Work with Candle

Oleksandr Ponomariov

...The element of fire is actively manifested in some people. Work with the candle helps them to develop their creative thinking. Why namely with fi re, but not with static objects? Because dynamic objects constantly keep our brain in tonus, and it develops: fire, streaming water, vibration of leafage. Dynamic objects assist in creating a dendritic layer in brain like a hologram, which helps a person in his creative thinking.

When you work with the candle…

We Share Experience

Nina Levchenko

- I make a decision…
- Technology to realize an Eternal life…

- Technology to transfer the knowledge about eternal life…

Lets Think in a Positive Way

Oleg Pulatov

…any thought, which is apprehended by us, especially it concerns collective thoughts, creates instantaneously an image in our essence and fills it with itself. At the same time it is absolutely not your thought, you have just caught it, because you resonated like this for the moment. To avoid such things isnt it better to create your own positive thoughts to create the things you want…

Wonderful Herbs and Folk Remedies

Lyudmila Trofimova
2. Plantain

…Plantain is mainly used for treating the bites of snakes and bees, acute purulent septic inflammations, phlegmons, purulent abscesses and a hangnail of a finger. A poisonous bite or a purulent phlegmon can cause a threat of blood poisoning, but it is cured with plantain…

Harmonization Program of a Multidimensional Human. Alphabet of Human Cognition

Yaroslav Svetozarov

…Creation of resonant co-tuning of mental and astral bodies will give you a wider perception of the world, to feel and understand many of the processes that take place around you. After some time you will feel like the subtle bodies are held in co-tuning longer. When a person creates such a powerful alliance of subtle bodies, the rest of his bodies etheric and physical, also start to adjust to the resonant frequency. First of all, the etheric body responds…

Harmonization of the Basis of Consciousness

Andrei Poletayev

…This practice of harmonization of the basis of consciousness uses positive non-violent methods of influence on the scope of our unconscious intelligence. When using it systematically the life will be more secure, and development faster.

The principle is that we do not only struggle with internal flaws, but we cultivate something new, positive alongside to what already exists within us. It is simple and accessible to logical understanding, mastering and awareness…


Aleksandr Shatanov

The articles of the digest are diverse. Some readers may even ask a question if there are not too much rubrics in the magazine. But the same readers agree, that to comprehend an extremely diverse world through the experience of other people is possible only by means of such kaleidoscope of opinions. It may sound paradoxically, but it is exactly the diversity which contains the unity of the World…

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