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The Digest "Space of Love and Light" N 2

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Power of Thought

Nikolay Levashov

…By Conscious Thinking a person can do a lot:
He can create his own destiny;
He can unleash his creative potential and make it a source of decent and enjoyable earnings;
He can regain his health and solve his life problems;…

Dome of a Temple

…We are reorganizing at the subatomic level. Within the physical body there are luminiferous threads - thin thread-like energy structures, they are the energy forms that bind together the individual consciousness as well as restore connection with the energy-and-informational matrix of the matter. These energy threads are reorganized in the body due to photons of sunlight, which are currently streaming to the planet, bringing with them a clean energy of Cosmos…

Revelation of the First step

Vasiliy Kuchinin

…And if you feel it is your time to approach to the Light, change your life, change conditions, take off the straightjacket, spread your wings do this.
The Creator wants it. He wants us to be happy!
You know, we always should try. We have not experienced a lot in the life because we have just not tried. And it is not about risk, it is about the first step, which initiates everything.
Start from the First Step…

Signs of Awakening

Tutta Mayer

…Along with the arrival of new, higher energies in the Earth, which began last year, the process of our evolution has also dramatically increased. But each of us undergoes necessary changes in his own time and in his own way, according to who we are and what the plan of our development is, which had been made before we were born. These are the indications of the changes, which a lot of people may experience now:…


Anatoliy Nekrasov

…It turns out that my assumption about the presence of a reasonable Microcosm in a person was not brave enough! In fact, a multitude of microcosms are going deep into a man, resembling the nesting doll! Somewhere I have come across the expression "the Universe at the needle tip." Indeed, at the tip of the needle; on such a scale is placed a great number of universes with their time and space, with their life! But that's not all! The chain of microcosms is closed with macrocosms and forms a way of Life as shown in the symbol of a snake biting its own tail…

Why do We Call the TRANSITION Quantum?

Aleksandr Shatanov

…separation of objects or supposedly their independent state is an illusion. Everything is interconnected with each other, the whole World is one unit and it is impossible to separate its component parts. But the conversation about it is in the following articles.
Let me remind you of the question: “So is there an area in our life when we cannot manage without this word “quantum”? Where is this boundary?” Now we can formulate the answer relying on the opinion of specialists in the quantum theory. There is no area in our life in which “quantization” does not act…

My Thinking on the Platform of the Soul

Natalia Mikheyeva

…I put numerical series into my work. I request my Soul to give a controlling row. It can be done in different ways. We may put hands on the sheet of paper because it is the platform of the Soul. It may be felt how the light from the flow of the Creator goes out of the heart, through thyroid gland into hypophysis; each person has his own approach to this process. One can receive a figure by figure or see the whole series and write down what your Soul tells you…

Filling Aura with Colour

Oleg Pulatov

…When you lack any colour, this condition can be compared with a car accumulator, which is out of order. When there is a shortage of the colour white, a person falls ill. It is the most essential the colour white it is the first one, therefore there is a necessity to concentrate constantly on it: you just see this white colour inside yourself; when you say that you are filled with dazzling white Christ Light, it happens at once...

School of Wizards

Mark Komissarov

…For today I can say that I am able to activate this ability in almost everyone. My pupils were kids from kindergarten, they were three years old. And they could see with their eyes being closed.
These abilities are very easily activated in children. Children under 12 years start seeing with a tight blindfold at the first lesson. Usually it is a shock to the parents. Therefore I call my students the wizards…

Influence of the Main Human Body Energy Centres on the State of Spiritual and Physical Health

Pavel Moiseiev

…The human body has an orderly energy system which rules his vital functions. Besides canals, meridians and biologically active points, the human energy system contains seven main energy centres situated on the axial line, permeating through the spine. All of these energy centres except two (the first and the seventh) project on the fore and back of the body.
Energy centres serve for contact with the Universal energies…

Some Considerations and Advice


…Usage of methods of control can help us urge the World only to harmonization with purpose of creation and development “According to the Creators Plan”.
Expression “According to the Creator
s Plan” means the following:
the Universe has information about the perfect state of an object, that is, as harmonious as it is possible;
the Universe has information about the current state of the object or course of events about the way further development (making it possible to achieve the most righteous  and quickest consciousness growth of the object or the event participants) should take place;
the Universe has information about the kind of power which should be used to achieve the desired result of control...

The Interview with the Chislovolodar Aleksаndr Ponomariov

Irina Lang

…I went my own way and began to look for harmony in nature, to create my own road. I managed to create the alphabet on the basis of the sounds, which have been left and to use it for investigating the essence of words. If a person gets to know the essence of word and is able to use it correctly, he will be able to be the creator of nature. In order to realize oneself it is not necessary to follow other peoples paths. Everyone has his own destination, and only the person himself can realize it. Now I am realizing my destination…

The Unity of the World in the Conception of Modern Physics

Alexandr Shatanov

…David Bohm's idea is even more radical. Each element of the World not only stores information, but the changes of this object lead to a change in any part of the Universe.
Moreover, there are levels in the Universe. At one of these levels, we are living and we get used to perceiving the World only here. There is another level (other levels), which we do not observe directly, but from which "becomes apparent" everything that a person has to deal with. And through this other level all elements of the World are connected to each other. These are not only relations we got accustomed to, such as cause-and-effect relations, but also the interaction of a very different kind. It connects the individual elements of the World with each other so that they are not just dependent but they are in some sense as one…

Collect Yourself

Oleg Pulatov

…The Earth is the only planet in the Universe where the energies are so dense. And to survive, to live a normal life it is already a great deed. So every second we are watched from the Heavens: if you have fallen you are raised. In the dimension we are now moving to, time does not exist. What does this threaten us with? Everything you might think about will instantly come true. You have to watch over your thoughts. Let them flow. No need to cling to them. Let them go freely.
Where do you think, in human body the thoughts come together? On our coats? On the aura? And that is why when you cleanse yourself, you need to let your thoughts go freely…

The Wonderful Herb and Folk Remedies

Liudmila Trofimova

…There are herbs, or, to be more exact, vegetable remedies, about which everybody should know. It is possible to cure practically all acute forms of diseases with the help of them. It is only necessary to know, how to use them correctly. Today we will consider one of them.
Hot (chilli) pepper (cayenne)
Red chilli pepper possesses wonderful properties, which no medicine has
it is vaso-dilating, when the vessels are constricted, and vaso-constricting, when they are dilated; it performs the function, which is necessary for the organism.
The Mexicans drink it for cooling, when the heat is oppressive, the Eskimo people drink it to warm themselves during frosts…

Nada Brahma
Everything which Exists is a Sound

Dmitriy Rogov

If instruments are tuned on 432 hertz, then music can be unusually strong, and Harmony can be felt.
  Synchronic oscillations increase DNA harmonies, such music has a healing effect on our body, because it tunes us in such a way, that the body vibrates in tune with fractal harmonicas of the life sound matrix. Our DNA recollects, that they have to sound in harmony and they regenerate. The sound makes changes in our glands, digestive and immune systems. Each gland and each organ receives the sound and transmits it…

Self-tuning on the Positive Condition in a Persons Life

…Tunings on positive conditions help us to get rid of our negative experiences caused by mistakes of living position. They need to be used at any convenient time for us.
Movements. No sharp, abrupt, nervous movements. Fluidity, steadiness, calmness are necessary. There should not be any fussiness.
Feelings. Even if you are ill, look for a pleasant feeling in your body.
Emotions. Do not let negative emotions develop. Tune into positives
joy, happiness, love...

The Story about a Goose

…By flapping their wings, each bird creates anti-pressure for the bird following it. Flying in V-shaped flocks, birds can fly the distance of at least 71% more than each bird flying alone. People, moving in the same direction and who are united by the sense of group (collective), can reach their goal quicker and easier, because they move pushing and supporting each other…

Waken Your DNA
Universal Language of Sacral Geometry


…Perhaps, it will be easier for you to comprehend me if I say that geometry is sometimes called the “language of light”. When you will understand that the light is the energy and EVERYTHING consists of energy, then it will be easier to comprehend the mystery of creation, which is explained through the geometry. The universe is built according to certain geometric laws which are effective at any level from stars to the cells of our body…

Standard Procedure  of... Resurrection

Shakti Prema

…Grigoriy Petrovich claims that the human does not die (a lot of beliefs and philosophies hold the same view point) but just transfers to another state. And this coming back to the physical world is transfer to the “state of existence in the biological body”. In this case there are no violations of the Universal laws too.
Resurrection as a phenomenon has always been known. Evidence of it goes through all history of the Earth
s civilization…

Do not be Afraid to Find Yourself in the Place where it Takes Your Breath Away!

Miles Hilton-Barber

…Miles Hilton-Barber is a blind adventurer. Only for the last 10 years Miles Hilton-Barber has set numerous world records, undertaking expeditions on all seven continents. Among his achievements are climbing mountains, marathons of increased complexity in deserts and on the poles of the Earth, regatta on a high-speed motor boat, underwater swimming with an aqualung, motor race, and also piloting airplanes including supersonic ones…  


Aleksandr Shatanov

…The articles of the Digest are very diverse. Many readers are seeking for technologies in our edition. And sometimes they are surprised why technologies do not always work out. There is no secret. What we need is to open up our heart and soul, to merge with the World and the Creator. We must change ourselves, and then the World changes too. It is impossible to do it being guided only by logic. Openness and unity with the world this is a state of the human…

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