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Review of the Digest "Space of Love and Light" N 1

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Golden String

Fairy tale

The boy seated near the Old man. He was playing some wooden instrument the name of which had been lost through the ages. The boy named it the Realia. Maybe other people would name it in a different way.
The child touched the strings of the Realia with great inspiration.
Play this instrument to people, said Old man and pointed into the distance. See? They are living in cities. There are a lot of such cities in the world. Take your Realia and go there. You should play in every city different strings to different people. You already know how to play the golden string; don’t forget about it, El. But not always will you be able to show its music to people, not everybody will be able to hear it. Coming into a city touch the golden string and remember the people who will be touched. There will be a few of them… The other won’t notice you, or the string. But you have other strings so play to the people.

New Tasks for the New Humanity

Pavel Moiseiev

The thing is that each one of us, below the surface, is the Divine Light and is sent to the Earth to fulfill the special mission connected with the preparation and carrying of the Earth into the Quantum Orbit. Awareness of personal and collective responsibility for the state of our planet is exactly the necessary change which has to take place in the human sphere of the Earth. The human should fulfill his life process in accordance with his high cosmic mission, which represents transformation of the energy of fear, death, and duality through awareness of the fact that we are not separated from God and this negative energy is no more than illusion. This is a collective mission and each of us is an individual representation of this mission.

Unity of Teachings and Technologies

Alexandr Shatanov

For the Father to become indestructible the Son in his development must achieve such state in which He will be the complete reflection of his Father. It will certainly happen because there is, as people think, intention of the Father in it.
Right now the reflection hasn’t been completed yet. The Son
Mankind has the body, which consists of cells.
They don’t look like usual cells of the regular human body. Similarity of the Cosmic Man body and the physical body of human who lives on Earth is fractal. In other words, bonds and functional tasks of elements coincide with each other but their form differs.
Soul, Spirit and Consciousness of the Cosmic Man must be unified in order to reach the state of complete reflection of the Father. In other words, his Consciousness must become true, to reflect the World without distortion. The same state must be obtained by each element of the Cosmic Man
his cells.

Conversations about the Urgent

Oleg Pulatov

Every 12 years, the situations are repeated. Step - wheel - step. Spiral. If there is no progressive movement, we will constantly revolve on the wheel. One should by all means take a step forward. And when gaining knowledge, we will be afraid to use them, we will always rotate in this circle. One step of theory and one step of practice. What altitude you are taking knowledge from to such a depth they should be sunk.

Live Consciously

Oleg Pulatov

There can be nothing bad in the world. In you, God, there can be nothing bad. Everything has the right to be. What do you think, what is the immune system in the spiritual sense? It is a diplomatic center. Address it: Virus, you have the right to live in your dimension. Im a human; I also have the right to live in my space of life. If we agree so, the virus will not get into us. And if we start fighting, there will be a war. Is not that what is happening in the world now? Everything that happens inside us then happens in the world. When we are diplomats everywhere and in everything, then there will be no war. There is nothing unnoticed for the world.

Health as the Person’s Choice. The First Approaches

Pavel Moiseiev

Auric layers are formed by subtle matter s of the physical body and, in fact, they describe specific properties of the subtle worlds associated with consciousness of a person. When a person’s consciousness as a microstructure starts working in unison, or as physicists say, coherently with macrocosmos superconsciousness, the process of self-coordination of these two systems takes place and the supporting point for making its future is created. The correct spiritual work is necessary for this purpose. It is undeveloped consciousness that fills the world with anomalies of feelings, aspirations and desires.
Let’s consider all subtle bodies in succession.

Remedies for Cancer Treatment

Dmitriy Rogov

There exists the old, tested, cheap and accessible means to treat candidous diseases. It is sodium bicarbonate the main component of household soda! Candida cannot adapt to sodium bicarbonate. Simoncini’s patients take sodium solution, sodium bicarbonate is injected into the tumor. For this purpose the apparatus, similar to endoscope, is used.

Activation of Ones Energy Body

Pavel Moiseiev

This technique should be repeated over the period of 21 days and then it will work automatically. This technique should be performed not for a long time, for 2-3 minutes, to create thick energy layer. It is constantly self-cultivating. It dramatically increases the level of the light body vibrations and opens the way for second feeling, second hearing and second sight.

The Influence of Colour on Humans Health

Mikhail Burov

Fundamentally, it is the colour that is a description, which corresponds to the spiritual aspect in the human to the utmost extend: it is perceived as a certain infinite value. Consequently, working with the colour the human influences an infinite system of data communication. Colours affect the human regardless of the sex, age and culture traditions. It can be mentioned that at bright red colour demonstration human`s heart beats faster, while, for example, green and its tints reduce arterial pressure by some units.

Theory and Practice of Concentration with Theraupetic Purpose or Awakening of Your Own Soul

Mikhail Burov

Universe is a very complicated information system and everything in it can be considered as objects of the information. Particularly information plays fundamental role in the life of man. Everything in the world is interconnected through the information channels. Changing such kind of connections it is possible to change all system in the whole. And particularly Grabovoy G. P. discovered the mechanism of management and technology whereas the usage of which has the direct influence on a global system of information communications on the part of a man. Consciousness and perception are used as tools for this process.

The Recovery from Diseases by Concentration on Numerical Series

Mikhail Burov

The whole Universe is pierced through by rhythm both on the macrolevel (rotation frequency of planets, stars and galaxies) and microlevel when at issue are the atoms which are orbiting the nucleus of electron, or the properties of microparticles.  
The human body is not the exception to the general rule, and it is inseparably linked by the biorhythms with the environment: besides the heartbeating and breathing, there is a multitude of different rhythmic structures
its every living cell lives its own rhythm. In a state of well-being or norm, that is, health, all these rhythms are combined with each other organically, like everything else in this wonderful world.


Nataliya Melnik, Galina Bassan

Can you imagine an event, you do not want to happen in future. But now you must see that it has already occurred and you feel exceptional joy because of it. From the bottom of your soul and body you derive the joy of future event, introducing it
there and then moment.


Nataliya Melnik, Galina Bassan

Let us place the ≪drainage cell≫ under the eye glia. Let us introduce the TSAMIRA ray into the glia. Th e ray is white, thick, round at one end like a little mortar. The round end of the ray produces 7 rainbow rays, and looks like a multi-coloured hedgehog. The rays clean and clear the eye glia, the surrounding cells. Dirt flows down into the drainage cell.

A Week of Love, Light and Life

Matthias Müller

These are exact words, which can describe the feelings I experienced throughout the seminar.
Being far off from daily routine, here I found myself. I think that all participants of the seminar sensed the feelings of love and peace, which overwhelmed us.
Teachers from Russia, Germany and Ukraine were our guides into the world of Russian healing methods and properties of mysterious stone schungite.
We have managed to visit schungite deposit for many times and see with our own eyes how people work and live there.

Emerald Ray for Heart

Arcadiy Petrov

1. We direct Emerald Ray with a code 8294321at the heart. The ray goes like haze of greenish and violet vapors. It is a very strong and living ray.
2. Light mist envelops and wraps the heart, as if filling, nourishing tissues, blood vessels, the capillaries, the cells of the heart with all that is necessary. The heart is gradually reviving under the influence of the ray.

How One Can Get Rid of Accumulated Resentment and Negative Emotions

Nikolay Galushko

Start to visualize the following. You are standing on the lakeside, facing a boat. Take it, get hold of the oars and start rowing across. At first, it is very hard to row. Then, casting a backward glance, you notice that there are some heavy bags in the boat.
And something is written on each of them. Then you realize that to move on you need to throw those bags out of the boat. You take the first bag which says ≪Fear≫. Throw it overboard.

Remove a Gene of Old Age and Death out of Ones Body

Nikolay Galushko

Then, when breathing out, straighten the hands resolutely and face the structure towards the Sun so that the sunlight while passing through the hands would hit the eyes. The structure will disintegrate within 1-2 min irrevocably. Spread the hands wide and exhibit the chest to the Sun so as to purify and fill it with light, as well as to heal thin invisible small wounds.

Health Management Practice. Restoration of Meridians

Valentina Batichsheva

Somewhere there exists the golden substance, which looks like a ball, and can be called like cream of the Father, or like butter. It moves from one organ to another. Every two hours this divine golden information structure moves on meridians of definite systems and organs, giving and providing these organs with particular information of functionality Norm, as well as providing with additional energy and light.
If any meridian does not work it is immediately reflected by the given organ system in the form of different disturbances.

Mankind Space of Love and Light

Aleksandr Shatanov

Why do people gather for conferences? It is believed that the speakers report on the achievements, the participants listen, discuss (in between) and leave, enriched with new information. The above mentioned, of course, refers to the scientific-and practical conference ≪Mankind is the Space of Love and Light≫, organized by the Ukrainian Public Organization ≪BLAGODAR≫ in Poltava, December 3-4, 2011. There were speakers and listeners. But how to distinguish one from another, when the whole audience is singing and dancing? Love and Light united all into a single Space where age of the participant, or the country he/she arrived from or the profession did not play a role…


The articles, included in the digest, give coverage to the transformation process of Humanity. This process is versatile, which causes the articles to differ from each other. But the main thing is what we tried to render to our readers in the digest
the human is being active now. These are the actions which reveal unlimited possibilities of the person and his consciousness extensively.

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